Web-Enabled E-Learning Knowledge Management (Post Bachelor’s) Graduate Certificate Curriculum


Note: Courses below are marked with the semesters in which they are usually offered. Schedules are subject to change, but this serves as a guideline for how a student might progress through the program. 

Required Courses (6 credit hours) 

  • IAKM 60301 Foundational Principles of Knowledge Management (fall, spring, summer) 
  • IAKM 60302 Foundations of Document Management (fall) 

Electives (9 credit hours)

Choose any three courses from the following:

  • IAKM 60303 Knowledge Assessment and Evaluation 
  • IAKM 60304 Research Methods for Knowledge Management 
  • IAKM 60306 Organizational Culture (spring) 
  • IAKM 60307 Organizational Learning (fall) 
  • IAKM 60310 Intellectual Capital Management (spring) 
  • IAKM 60311 Business Process Management (summer) 
  • IAKM 60312 Business Intelligence – Competitive Intelligence (fall) 
  • IAKM 60313 Communities of Practice (spring)  IAKM 61095
  • IAKM 61095 Special topics courses in knowledge management

Culminating Experience (3 credit hours) 

  • IAKM 61081 Capstone Experience
  • IAKM 61096 Individual Investigation