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The Youth Services program at Kent State University's School of Information is considered one of the best in the country, thanks to our renowned faculty, successful alumni and unique, world-class collections and facilities.

Selected Research Areas

  • School Library Administration
  • School Library Evaluation
  • Teen Library Materials and Services
  • School-Age Library Materials and Services
  • Public Library Services
  • Publishing for young readers, genre construction and the commodification of books, international children’s literature, and transnational publishing
  • Youth services librarianship, reviews, awards, the literary canon and arbiters of taste
  • Children’s information-seeking behavior
  • Gendered professions within publishing and librarianship for young readers

Collections and Facilities


What Is Youth Services Librarianship?

A librarian who serves children and young adults in a public library, specializing in either children's or young adult services, or in an elementary, middle, or high school as a library media specialist. Collection management, such as selecting and maintaining a current collection to meet educational and recreational needs, is also an important part of the specialization. Regardless of what type of library they serve, youth services librarians typically do the following:

  • Empower and motivate young people;
  • Promote and nurture the habit of reading;
  • Introduce students to the latest electronic resources;
  • Collaborate with other educators;
  • Link the library to community groups;
  • Provide parenting education and family literacy programs;
  • Design and provide engaging activities that help young people develop their creativity, interests, and talents.

Adapted from American Library Association

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