About the International Studies Major

The International Studies (previously known as International Relations) major at Kent State University emphasizes the ability to communicate globally and your ability to make a difference. The major encourages students to explore compelling questions and seek out bold and courageous answers. We know students come to Kent State driven to make a difference, and we want to give them the tools they need to succeed!

Students working with the International Studies faculty benefit from their expertise, research guidance, and professional mentoring. Students also have the opportunity to connect with faculty networks on campus and across the community as well as alumni, creating their own network of advocates, leaders, and professionals. Graduates take their widely applicable skill set with them as they journey beyond Kent State University.

The International Studies major is housed within Kent State University’s School of Multidisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities. It has been designed to enhance students’ opportunity to explore important, contemporary questions with insights from multiple academic fields and the ability to analyze in a multidisciplinary way. Students are encouraged to pursue their specific issue interests, particularly through select reading groups and course-based research work. The School provides students with expert instruction, faculty and student mentoring, and a support system designed for student success.

International Studies majors are prepared to succeed in a wide range of careers, and many go on to further their education with an advanced degree. Wherever you are inspired to lead, to effect change, to serve the community, the International Relations can prepare you for success.