Conversations Partners

The Conversation Partner Program at Kent State University is a volunteer program that pairs international students with students from the United States. Once an international student and domestic student are paired, they meet once a week for one hour to have an informational conversation in English. The program not only helps international students develop English skills, it helps build cultural awareness as well as rewarding friendships between students.

Reasons to Become a Conversation Partner

  • Improving language speaking abilities
  • Learn about a different culture
  • Make a new friend from a different country
  • Share your own culture/background
  • Expand your worldview

Expectations of Being a Conversation Partner

  • The commitment is for theĀ academic year
  • Meet minimally with your partner one hour each week
  • Meet on campus to begin the partnership and always meet in a mutually agreeable place
  • Respond to a few surveys about the experience throughout the year

Apply Today

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If you have any further questions about the Conversation Partners program, or have any difficulties with the application forms on this website, please direct your inquiries to Eron Memaj, Director of the Office of International Student Affairs at or email