Florence Spring Break 2020 

What is it like being part of an Italian family?

Learn first-hand from Italian college students the role family plays in major life decisions and the cultural influences on Italian families. 

During the week you will: 

  • Have dinner with an Italian family 
  • Meet with Italian college students each day to learn more about Italian families 
  • Experience Italian culture by attending an opera, food tasting, walking tours of the city, and guided visits of historical sites and museums of Florence 
  • Identify societal influences on Italian families 
  • Visit grade schools and high schools in Italy and interact with students
  • Compare and contrast the role family has in emerging adulthood in Italy vs. the United States 
  • Compare and contrast family structure and roles in Northern and Southern Italy, as well as in the United States 

Register for HDFS 42092 Emerging as an Adult: Italy vs. USA and earn 3 credit hours studying abroad in Florence during Spring Break 2020. This opportunity is open to all majors and counts toward your experiential learning requirement. 

Dates: March 23-30, 2020

Instructor: Eron Memaj, Director of International Student Affairs ememaj@kent.edu 

Scholarships: Scholarships are available to help you make your study abroad dream a reality. 



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After you return from studying abroad, you have the opportunity to share your experience with other students by presenting for Res Airways. Res Airways allows students to travel the world without leaving the residence halls! Every other week we have a student presenting in a residence hall about a country, food is also included! If you would like to present about the country where you studied abroad, please email ISA@kent.edu