Jackie Jimison-Bues: Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist | Kent State University

Jackie Jimison-Bues: Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

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Jackie Jimison-Bues

Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist!

How does this certification help you in the projects you’re working on?

  • Obtaining the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist certification has been incredibly valuable in understanding the foundation technical functionality of Marketing Cloud. With our enterprise-wide implementation, it is imperative that we know the ins and outs of the system as we create and configure Business Units, migrate Business Units and recreate existing assets, and build our Custom Subscription Center to integrate with our Salesforce org.

  • The certification focuses on several areas that will allow us to take more of a lead role in implementation, including building and maintaining subscriber data, integrating data with Salesforce, maintaining Custom Subscription Center operations, and automating emails with Automation Studio and Journey Builder.

  • With our better understanding of complex data models, sending models and integration capabilities within the Marketing Cloud environment, we will be better positioned to manage and maintain the tool after collaborating with Sierra-Cedar for our initial implementation.