Master of Science: Knowledge Management

Kent State University is taking a leadership role in developing standards and competencies that define the field of knowledge management (KM).

Our faculty are international experts who are engaged in KM practice and bring real life experiences to their teaching. Our students represent all economic sectors and all kinds of organizations. This offers a unique diversity of views that is one of the greatest values of our program. Seeing issues from different perspectives adds to everyone's learning. For this reason, we have a lot of online interaction among students and faculty. Students learn best practices and, through coursework, projects and internships, they get real-world, practical experience while becoming part of a growing professional community.

All courses in the Master of Science program are offered completely online.

Program Goals

  • Invest in the knowledge economy and knowledge organizations by providing top-notch graduates and by providing a forum for exchange of ideas for all KM professionals.
  • Promote the development of knowledge professionals to lead knowledge organizations.
  • Provide students with opportunities for real-world experience through internships, class projects and other opportunities.