SLIS Alumni Awards Announced

More than 80 SLIS alumni, faculty and friends gathered in the Kent Student Center on Monday, Oct. 4, for the annual Alumni and Friends Honors and Awards Dinner, where they reconnected with former colleagues and students, made new acquaintances and celebrated alumni success. Molly Raphael, president-elect of the American Library Association, delivered an inspiring keynote address titled "Libraries: Essential for Learning, Essential for Life." (Video and photos will be posted soon.) Among other announcements, SLIS Interim Director and Associate Professor Don A. Wicks congratulated Sharon Schmitt, MLS '94, on being named Alumnus of the Year (see photo).

2010 Alumni and Friends Honors and Awards:

Alumnus of the Year
Sharon Schmitt, MLS '94
Enterprise Information Architect
International Monetary Fund

Friends of the Year
Joseph Graham, Kent State Office of the University Architect
Daniel Tonelli, Kent State Teleproductions
Allan Fenner, Kent State Teleproductions
Jason Forbes, Kent State Teleproductions
Honored for their contributions in the construction of and equipment for the new SLIS Digital Lab

Friend of the Decade
Dr. Rick Rubin, Associate Provost for Extended Education
SLIS director, 1999-2010
First-time award, for an alumnus who has served the school in incomparable ways for longer than a decade

August Alpers Award
Shelley Blundell
For students who have contributed the most to the school while maintaining a good grade point average

Beta Phi Mu Student Achievement Award
John Cook
For the student who has the emblematic qualities of Beta Phi Mu: scholarship, leadership, and service

H.F. Group Preservation Award
Jeffrey Zarate
Sasha Westgate
For students who demonstrate outstanding scholarship and an interest in the area of library preservation

Sidney Jackson Award
Jon Longacre
For students who have written outstanding essays on the history of social responsibilities of libraries or intellectual freedom

Dan Maclachlan School Library Media Award
Trent Roberts
Angela Wojtecki
For graduates who have exhibited creativity, leadership, and dedication to the K-12 audience

Jesse H. Shera Memorial Award
Robin Smith
Brandon Walker
Presented to students who maintain an excellent academic record and demonstrate potential for future scholarly research and publication. 

Rose L. Vormelker Award
Jessica DeCaro
Shea Ann Herzog
For students who rank high academically and show the most promise for special library work

Janice Smuda Children's Librarianship Award
Nancy Messmore
For students who demonstrate creativity, leadership, and dedication to children's librarianship through outstanding academic achievement

The program also included the annual Beta Phi Mu Rho Chapter induction. The following alumni were inducted into the honorary society for library and information science students:

Jennifer L. Bowman
Danielle Minor Buckley
Kristin Cole
John Cook
Melani Fragge
Moriana L.M. Garcia
Karen Irvine
Eileen T. Krajewski
Shawna Leonard
Megan Lindenberger
Allison Mease
Kristina L. Messler
Nancy Messmore
Adriana Ridolfo
Lisa Salyers
Robin L. Smith
Pat Tompkins
Brandon Walker
Angela Wojtecki
Melissa Marie Wolf

Check back here and visit the Kent State SLIS Facebook page as we post photos and more bios of our award winners.

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