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Admissions Application Processing including Common Matching

Processing applications in Banner from start to finish, verifying information, and working with admission decisions, where to locate applicant information and perform common matching.

Staff - Admissions Processors only

You will be contacted by the Training department once your security access request is has been submitted

Banner Navigation

In Banner Navigation you will learn to open Banner INB forms, navigate form parts, and perform name searches and queries.  This course is provided as preparation for role-based training within the department. Recommended for any new Banner INB user.

Staff who will be using Banner INB

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Banner Security Administrator Training

This event is limited to designated Data Security Administrators and Data Stewards and their backups. We will cover Data Security Administrator duties and procedures including how to look up a user access profile, how to fill out paper forms, and how to use the new Banner Security Workflow.

Staff who are Data Security Administrators

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Cognos Consumer

Attendees will learn the different ways to run a report in Cognos as well as how to navigate through the system.  Find online assistance with COGNOS as well as learn to schedule and save reports. This class is for Cognos users who run reports.

Staff/Faculty who want to run COGNOS reports

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Cognos Karate Belt Series

Master the Art of Business Intelligence with these advanced series of Report Studio classes.  This course is for advanced report writing.  Topics include Building Drill-Through reports, Inserting Charts, using Multiple queries and many other that will allow you to create the reports you need.

Staff - Department Report Writers

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Cognos Report Studio

This is a hands-on session designed to demonstrate the basic functions of Report Studio.  Topics include building prompts, adding filters, designing basic reports, grouping and sorting data and aggregation. 

Staff - Department Report Writers

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Course Scheduler Basic Training

Covers the information required to obtain system access to begin scheduling course sections in Banner INB and the DCU. You will also learn to use the Section Time Location Change Workflow and the Section Title Change Workflow.

Staff - Academic Schedulers only

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Empower Timekeeping for Supervisors

New Supervisors and Supervisors who would like a refresher are encouraged to sign up for one of the Fall classes on the Empower Timekeeping system.  The classes will cover supervisor functions as well as what access employees will have in the Employee Self Service website.


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Expense Reimbursement Workflow

Learn how to complete and submit an Expense Reimbursement form. If you are an Approver, the course will teach you how to access the workflow to view and approve reimbursement requests.


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Introduction to ePAF

ePAF or Electronic Personnel Action Form, is used to appoint Graduate Assistants, Full-time faculty who teach or work over the summer, and grant-funded appointments. This is an introduction to ePAF for new users.


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Unified Communication Orientation

Learn to use the Cisco telephones and the Cisco Jabber communications app, which provides directory search, personal contact list, phone dialing, instant messaging, and 2-party video calls via computer, tablet, or smartphone. We will cover phones in the first hour, please join us even if you cannot stay for the entire presentation.

Staff/Faculty/Student Workers

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WebEx User Orientation

Learn to use Cisco WebEx to hold meetings via the web. Share webcams and applications, pass the floor to different presenters, meet with people on and off campus right from your desktop computer or laptop. Request a WebEx account at and attend this orientation to get started.


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