Communities of Practice

The community of practice is a relatively new initiative to provide a collaborative environment for all persons working in some capacity with the Salesforce implementation. The goal is to form a community where individual contributors are free to discuss, provide assistance, or get assistance with their individuals projects.

While there is no regular structure to the meetings, the topics and areas of discussion come up naturally from the regularly scheduled projects. The participants bring up challenges they are experiencing and get a chance to discuss with fellow developers, who may already have solved this challenge on their project. Or it may be an opportunity to work together on a solution, increasing the overall knowledge pool of the entire project.

This community has been a good venue for overview and introductory content, as, due to tight project timelines, so overarching architectural information about the Kent State Org will not be overlooked.

The meeting takes place every Friday afternoon. Developers and business systems analysts are the current participants, and we would like to eventually grow the group to include all persons related to the CRM implementation at Kent.