Compiled Screen-Shots of various pages of the CRM Website

The CRM Website went live on March 17, and will serve as the information hub for anyone, internally or externally, that wants to learn more about the Kent State CRM journey overall.

The CRM home page features an explanation of Kent State’s vision for an enterprise CRM, call-out links to recent and important information regarding the progress of the CRM implementation, as well as the IS CRM implementation team as the first image in a slideshow featuring many highlights from Kent State’s CRM journey.

Under the “Our Teams” menu item is where you’ll find all of our featured CRM implementation teams, as well as all of our incredible university-wide team members who have become Salesforce certified in many different areas.

The “Our CRM Implementation Partners” menu item is where we showcase the companies we’ve been working with to implement the CRM, complete with short explanations of what each company provides for Kent State.

Under “Our Newsletters” you’ll find an archive of all of our past newsletters, with our most recent newsletter at the top of the drop-down menu.

Under the final menu item, “A Guide to CRM Terminology,” you will find a glossary of terms related to the CRM.

Please feel free to explore the site at