Getting to Know Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder ExampleWith our university-wide Marketing Cloud implementation kicking off, we are continuously discovering our potential to increase efficiencies within Salesforce’s marketing communications platform. Journey Builder, the system’s automation tool, provides a user-friendly environment for staff to build automated “Journeys,” or email and text sends triggered from a variety of time- or action-driven events.

Within a simple drag-and-drop interface, Journey Builder allows staff to quickly turn step-by-step communication plans into a fully automated process that can be easily managed, updated, and reported on. Users can also incorporate decision logic to determine whether a message should be sent based on factors such as a constituent’s personal information, interests, behavior and past interactions with a department.

Journey Builder communications will be sent to contacts based on relevant data from the CRM as well as other data sources. It will also be recorded in the contact record’s Salesforce Communication History, providing a full 360-degree view of constituent activity and engagement.