Graduate Admissions Pilot in Now LIVE!

The Graduate Admissions online application went live on August 2nd with a pilot group, the College of Business. Applications started coming in day one and we continue to see that number grow. The decision module went to production on August 24th and end users were trained on the decision module on August 26th. The decision interface provides reviewers with a complete view of all the applicant’s materials and information, and allows them to comment and collaborate on admissions decisions inside the CRM.

Having the pilot live in production is a very significant milestone in the overall CRM project. The graduate CRM team has invested hundreds of hours these past three months leading up to the go-live date learning to build, configure, and validate everything that goes along with the online application. In addition to all of the things the team has learned, they are discovering new things daily that will benefit the overall project when the entire CRM goes live this spring.

The pilot graduate admissions implementation has also given us an opportunity to use our CRM on a limited scale, which allows us the following opportunities and learning experiences before going live campus-wide:

  • Learning to work with the tools
  • Adjusting and improving current processes
  • Reacting to feedback from business users and applicants
  • Lessons learned and ability to make adjustments for the campus-wide implementation
  • Learning the new system and training new offices
  • Increasing our skill level, making progress up the learning curve