June Go-Live Stories

UCM Marketing Cloud Migration Complete!

The final migration of University Communications & Marketing's business unit completed in May. In order to prepare for our enterprise Marketing Cloud implementation, UCM's business unit needed to be migrated from the parent level of the Marketing Cloud. Migration was necessary for the following reasons:

  • It is best practice when using business units not to send emails out of the parent business unit
  • As we move toward a university wide solution for Marketing Cloud, all KSU users will have access to certain features in the parent business unit. UCM has security requirements that warrant a separate, private business unit.


WKSU Marketing Cloud Go-live!

Information Services and WKSU worked through the final Marketing Cloud deliverables during the month of May to prepare to send WKSU’s newsletter, as well as weekly member communications and a new marketing campaign. Some of the final deliverables included conducting end user training, finalizing email content, and developing a send schedule for June.

The first Marketing Cloud send will go out to WKSU members on June 1st. The WKSU team is thrilled to have a new tool to work with that provides modern marketing technology.

Ann VerWiebe, Marketing & Public Relations Communications Specialist, says, “I like the flexibility of the Marketing Cloud. It is easy to duplicate templates which reduces time spent recreating them. The Marketing Cloud will decrease the amount of time I spend creating communications and provide analytics that allow us to gauge interest and engagement.”