Learn about ... Reports and Dashboards

2 graphs, one of 2018 Spring Inquiries by Admitting Unit, and the other, 2018 Spring Inquiries by Admitting Unit the first on a pie chart and the second a bar graphReports and dashboards are valuable tools that enable users to easily compile data points within the CRM and display results that enable us to make intelligent business decisions. Which marketing strategies to continue with for recruitment events, which vendors to purchase inquiries from, and specific populations of students to engage with for retention efforts, are a few examples of those decisions along with so many more.

As the development of the recruitment lifecycle solution progresses, we have begun to utilize reports and dashboards to assist in the validation of loading data for all of the admitting units. A major benefit of onboarding all admitting units is that the data for each unit will be loaded into a single platform. Having all of the data in a single platform and being able to create reports and dashboards provides the opportunity to make intelligent business decisions on a much broader and collective scale.

For example, the dashboard to the right (test data) depicts the number of inquiries for the spring 2018 term by admitting units. A return on investment analysis can be performed based on this information as well as other analyses.