Learn About... Salesforce Service Console

What is Salesforce Service Console? How can it be set up and used at Kent State?

Salesforce Service Console is a Salesforce app that helps “agents” manage customer support issues, using Salesforce case management. Agents create cases with information including the issue, customer, and other relevant information. Cases can also be generated automatically through email and web forms.

The Service Console can include Omni-Channel, Macros and knowledge. Omni-Channel, a case routing tool, can be combined with Live Agent and allow agents to take calls and manage customer issues over the phone, while updating the interaction in Service Console cases and customer records.


Setting up a Service Console:

Creating a Salesforce Service Console app is as simple as setting up a standard app in Salesforce. Out of the box the Service Console allows for the creation and tracking of cases with Contacts, Accounts, and Custom Objects. It also allows for the tracking of these cases with tasks and workflows. Below is a highlight of some of the features of the Service Console.

Console Features:

  1. Select objects and records from the navigation tab.
  2. Records display in a list, which you can pin at the left of the top of the screen.
  3. Selected records appear as primary tabs, and tabs let you work on several items at once.
  4. A highlights panel shows key information related to records.
  5. Related items appear as sub-tabs, and sub-tabs let you quickly switch between related information without losing context.
  6. View and interact with content in the feed or detail area.
  7. Access custom component data in sidebars and footers.