Managing the Kent State Recruitment Lifecycle

Kent State’s multi-campus infrastructure supports each admitting unit to effectively manage their own student recruitment pipeline. Each recruiting area has unique requirements to effectively engage students from the first point of contact, as well as successfully track and report on progress through the time of enrollment.

Salesforce and TargetX delivered functionality allowed for just one student recruitment pipeline, located directly on the student record, which doesn’t meet the needs of Kent State’s advanced recruiting environment. So, if a student inquires at one campus, but they have already applied for another, there is no way to capture this data effectively.

With the uniqueness and complexity of our student pipelines, these out-of-box solutions would greatly restrict our tracking and reporting capabilities across campuses, as well as between the undergraduate and graduate levels. Since students travel through various admitting units' recruitment funnels at once, a more sophisticated solution needed to be put in place.

The KSU Recruitment team went to work developing the Recruitment Lifecycle to solve this problem. This custom development automates the creation of a new object that is unique to the student type (whether they are a new freshman or transfer student), the prospective student’s anticipated start term, and the admitting unit engaged with the student.

After several months of hard work and dedication, the initial development of the Recruitment Lifecycle object is now complete and can be found in both our development and Systems Integration Testing Salesforce environments.

Thanks go out to those who worked on the deployment of the Recruitment Lifecycle, including Mark Ledoux, Shelley
Sherwin, Ary Moreira, Daniel Benner, Disney Maxwell, Jackie Jimison-Bues, and Carole Pegoraro!

Recruitment Manager Tool Bar

Recruitment Lifecycle Student Profile

Viewing all Recruitment Lifecycles

All Recruitment Lifecycles can be viewed by selecting the Recruitment Lifecycles tab within the Recruitment Manager app.

Student Recruitment Lifecycle Details

Accessing Recruitment Lifecycles

Viewing a Specific Student’s Recruitment

Lifecycle The Recruitment Lifecycle for a specific student can be found by selecting the Recruitment Lifecycle related list at the top of the student contact record.