March Salesforce Training Workshops

What’s the correct way to use a fork and knife?

Well…that depends. I recently had a conversation with a friend discussing the proper way to cut a steak. Do you use a fork to hold the larger section of the steak and cut off the bite sized piece you intend to eat? Or do you use the fork to hold the bite sized piece and cut it away from the larger portion? Holding the larger portion of the steak allows for more control, so the meat is less likely to move on the plate while you are cutting, but holding the smaller piece saves a step in transferring the fork to bite sized piece once you have cut it away, in order to pick it up and eat it.

The answer we came up with is…whatever works best for you.

The use of the CRM is a similar situation as it offers many different options in how it is utilized. From the customization of the application itself, to the departmental decision on the consistency of each tool within the CRM, to your personal preference on how to navigate in Salesforce, there are a great number of ways to use it. However, there are also many basics that need to be learned in order to make decisions on best practices, and use the tools most effectively.

Several training sessions are available to see many of the tools included in the Salesforce CRM, learn how they can be used to efficiently store information and communicate with team members, and discuss how they may be used in different ways throughout the University. These interactive sessions are scheduled every other week in Stewart Hall and registration is available through ABC Signup.