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Marketing Cloud Team is Formed

Marketing Cloud Team is Formed

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud team kicked off April 8th, 2016 with a meeting that included team member introductions, a review of team responsibilities, and a review of the Marketing Cloud Workbook.  The Marketing Cloud Workbook is a tool used by Sierra-Cedar Inc. (SCI) to aid in the collection of data needed to configure the various components of the Marketing Cloud.  These components are items such as physical departmental addresses, user names and business unit affiliations, as well as more technical email communication management configurations.

The team members represent departments across all campuses to ensure a well-developed, all encompassing configuration is launched with the initial department implementation.


What is the Marketing Cloud?

The Marketing Cloud is the tool we will use to create personalized communication campaigns with our students, alumni, employees and donors, through email, text, social media and many other channnels.  The Marketing Cloud allows us to effectively measure the impact of individual interactions as well as overall campaign goals.