Meet the Core Data Team

The Core Data Team is made up of the Kent State Data Stewards and their colleagues, who are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the data in their respective areas. The team is currently testing the migration of data into our Salesforce test environment to prepare for our summer project go-lives. Testing is exhaustive, and includes:

  • Defining rules for each data element (i.e., addresses).
  • Verifying that data is loaded correctly into the proper Salesforce fields.
  • Validating that Salesforce functionality works properly with the loaded data.


Data Migrations currently being tested for go live July 2017:

  • General Person data for active students
    • Loaded from Banner
  • Test score for active prospective students
    • Loaded from 107 ACT test files
  • Applicant data for active applicants for Fall 2017
    • Loaded from Banner
  • Recruiting data for active prospective students
    • Loaded from five Hobsons systems
  • Prospective student information from source files, such as SAT, Chegg, Naviance, etc
    • Loaded from 26 different sources