Meet the Division of Student Affairs - CRM Team

A Quick Update:

Case Management:

Octavian Maianu (IS) gave a demo of case management to the team, who brainstormed uses for this functionality. One possibility is for management of the student ombudsman workload. A project has been requested to perform a process review of the current process that would identify ways to streamline, allowing the student ombuds to have a consistent process, a way to gather and store information and, if housed in Salesforce, the ability to see its impact on retention.


The results of the FLASHperks lean event were reviewed and next steps identified. Our future state includes: changes to the experience for the event host, gathering data in a variety of ways, and encouraging students to claim prizes they have won. Next steps: the FLASHperks team will meet to identify user stories.


We continue to look at our CRM ideas (epics and themes brainstormed at the CRM 101 event) and break them down into projects as we learn more about the functionality of Salesforce. Next the team will be learning about Marketing Cloud and Social Studio, and with the knowledge gained we will further define our project list.



  • Timeka Rashid, Associate Dean of Students, Center for Student Involvement
  • Sydney Jordan, Student Activities Coordinator, Center for Student Involvement
  • Barb Boltz, Project Director, Enrollment Data and Systems Support
  • Patrick Duff, General Manager, Bookstore
  • Dawn Plug, Assistant Director, Center for Adult and Veteran Services


  • Jonathan Prenosil, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Process Evaluation and Improvement
  • Scott Hackett, Grad Appointee, Residential Communities
  • Lisa Albers, General Manager, Bookstore
  • Dave Taylor, Associate Director, Accounting and Assignments
  • Chris John, Assistant Director, Recreational Services