Meet the Graduate Admissions Team

The Graduate Admissions Core Team is composed of members in several departments, which include Admissions Operations and Transfer Systems, Graduate Studies, Office of Global Education and Information Services. The team will be working together in room 106 Stewart Hall for the time being, so if you find yourself in Stewart Hall, don’t hesitate to stop by and say hello!

Team Members:

Lana Whitehead, Director, Graduate Admissions, Graduate Studies

Salma Benhaida, Director, International Recruitment Admissions Sponsored Student Services, Office of Global Education

Brian Pekarek, Director, Admissions Operations & Transfer Systems

Joelle Bettura, Assistant Director, Outreach & Marketing, Graduate Studies

Emileigh Drylie, Sr International Admissions Counselor, Office of Global Education

Brenda Gordon, Application Developer, Information Services

Mike Papania, Project Manager, Information Services

Cindy Roberts, Lead Applications Developer, Information Systems

Holly Slocum, Manager of Process Evaluation & Improvements, Information Services

Donna Taylor, Admissions Systems Coordinator, Admissions Operations & Transfer Systems