New Certifications to Showcase:

Jackie Jimison-BuesJackie Jimison-Bues

Certified Platform App Builder


Please describe the Platform App Builder Certification for those people who might not know what it is.

The Platform App Builder certification is catered toward administrators that want to get a deeper understanding of designing, building and deploying custom apps using declarative (non-Apex) development techniques. Platform App Builders generally manage the architecture, security and deployment of apps for desktop and mobile use, as well as automate business processes through Process Builder, standard and visual workflows, approvals and other methods of declarative automation.

How does this certification help you in the projects you’re working on?

One of the biggest advantages in becoming an App Builder is getting a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of automation tools within the Salesforce Platform, as well as the specific capabilities and limitations of each technique. The exam also focuses on more technical concepts than the Admin certification, such as data architecture, change sets, sandbox management, and the development lifecycle.