Do you know... Process Evaluation & Improvement?

The Process Evaluation and Improvement (PE&I) department includes a team of Business Systems Analysts in Information Services that specialize in LEAN facilitation. This team works with departments to help them better understand and document current processes, identify areas of improvement and areas of waste, help document future state, evaluate effort and impact, and create action plans. Their work spans from doing hour long exercises reviewing current processes to five-day Kaizen engagements. This work is not limited to CRM projects, but they are playing an important role in getting some of those projects ready for development.

In October, PE&I facilitated a Processing Mapping and Improvement Event for FLASHperks with the Center for Student Involvement. The event resulted in a full understanding of the process from all stakeholder perspectives. This positioned them for success when the first phase of FLASHperks rolled out with the University Calendar in June. The knowledge they collected will continue to benefit the team as they continue to roll out functionality for the FLASHperks program.

We learned so much about the FLASHperks program throughout this process. Taking the time to analyze each and every step, from 3-4 different perspectives, is a very telling and rewarding exercise. As a result, many of the findings are already being implemented and we are seeing positive improvements for both the administrators and students. The team that led us through the process/event was very knowledgeable and genuinely interested in a successful outcome.

- Kristan Dolan, Assistant Director, Marketing for Center for Student Involvement and Kent Student Center

  • PE&I is currently working with the Org Strategy team to help reach a decision on our Enterprise architecture. This exercise will be drawing out how processes and people are impacted depending on how the orgs are split. To learn more read the Org Strategy article also in this month’s edition.
  • In August, PE&I will be working with TKS (Transfer Kent State) to document their current process. When development begins in the fall they will have a full understanding of how it works today to be able to determine how they want it to work in the future.

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POSTED: Tuesday, December 5, 2017 09:14 AM
UPDATED: Friday, December 09, 2022 12:22 AM