New Features from TargetX Summer '17 Release

Lightning Readiness

Beginning with the Summer ‘17 release, TargetX products will be Salesforce Lightning-ready in addition to being compatible with Salesforce Classic. Related TargetX product documentation has been updated where necessary to reflect any changes or differences in how the products are navigated or viewed between the two Salesforce versions. In cases where there are substantial differences in product screens, two graphics will be provided; one for Salesforce Classic users and one for Salesforce Lightning users.


Other new features include:

  • Email has a new user interface for Email Template Builder and Recipient List Builder and includes the following new features:
    • Drag & drop features for creating beautiful responsive email templates with conditional content that highlights your institution’s brand.
    • New interface for creating, reviewing and managing email recipient lists.
    • Simplify campaign recipient list creation by querying from any objects related to Contacts or Leads.
    • Create multiple test recipient lists that can be utilized across campaigns.
  • The new release of Schools App provides administrators with greater ownership of getting students into and using Schools App. With the new self-service features, administrators will have integration data management control, access to cohort and user management features, and ability to customize and schedule user invitations. Key features include:
    • Student Data management screen allows admins to manually upload and process student import files immediately and review and download error files.
    • With the cohort & user management screen, admins can add and manage new cohorts and define visibility of activities by cohort and roles.
    • Schools App Invitation Manager simplifies inviting students to join Schools App. Admins can create email templates for these email invitations and schedule follow-up email campaigns to promote adoption and encourage students to join Schools App!
  • TargetX products work seamlessly with HEDA and allow you to benefit from robust features of TargetX while also adopting a common data model shared by higher ed institutions across the Salesforce ecosystem. The TargetX HEDA Toolkit now supports data mirroring for similar fields on the Contact object in addition to those in the HEDA Affiliation and Relationship objects.
  • Standard Imports: To get ready for the new school year, TargetX has updated the standard imports for AP, GRE, NRCCUA, and TOEFL. In addition, an another import has been added - ApplyTexas!
POSTED: Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 2:35pm
UPDATED: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 - 2:04pm