Org Strategy Decision

Process Evaluation and Improvement department facilitated an Org Strategy Workshop with the core stakeholders of the Salesforce CRM to evaluate the University’s org structure. Currently the University has two Salesforce orgs: One org is used for non-student populations and Advancement currently has a crowdfunding project in development in this org. The other org is currently being used by Recruiting, the University Calendar, and FLASHperks. This org was originally intended to be for all student populations.As we grow in Salesforce, we are learning the impacts and challenges of sharing orgs across different parts of the student lifecycle. The workshop’s goal was to evaluate both the pros and cons of staying in our current org structure, and the impact of separating the orgs.

The workshop took place on September 27 and 28, and 18 departments were represented. A list of processes and roles, provided by the participants, was collected ahead of the workshop to help guide theconversation. On the first half-day, the discussion quickly took shape. Pros and cons were drawn out for the current org structure. By the end of the first session, the group agreed on a logical split between prospective students in one org, and applicant, admitted, current, and past students in a separate org. During the second half-day, the team took a deeper dive into the pros and cons of separating the orgs.

Following the workshop, analysts from Process Evaluation and Improvement provided a report documenting the exercise. This report will also be shared with the CRM Steering Committee on October 30 for the final approval of the team’s recommendation. Participation and pre work were integral to the success of this exercise. This workshop provided value to all participants, as the team gained a better understanding of our CRM landscape and helped set up future projects for success.


  • Steven Antalvari – University College
  • Greg Bailey – Recreational Services
  • Barb Boltz – Student Affairs
  • Nancy Dellavecchia – Admissions Office
  • Kristan Dolan – Center for Student Involvement
  • Emileigh Drylie – Office of Global Education
  • Rayshawn Eastman – Student Affairs
  • Michealle Gabrovsek – Academic Ops and Admin
  • Dave Garcia – Enrollment Management
  • Brenda Gordon – Academic Ops and Admin
  • Sameer Jaleel – Information Services
  • John Jewell – University College
  • Christopher John – Recreational Services
  • Todd Kamenash – Office of Student Conduct
  • Megan Krippel – Ashtabula Campus
  • Mark Ledoux – Admissions Office
  • Jennifer Mcdonough – Academic Ops and Admin
  • Altai Otgonyin – Information Services
  • Brian Pekarek – Admissions Ops and Systems
  • Amy Quillin – Student Ombuds
  • Timeka Rashid – Dean of Students
  • Cassandra Reeder – Information Services
  • Coleen Santee – Information Services
  • Melissa Shamblin – Admissions Ops and Systems
  • Charity Snyder – University College
  • David Taylor – Residence Services
  • Donna Taylor – Admissions Ops and Systems
  • Diane Walker – Stark Campus
  • Greer Washington-Greer – Student Success
  • Amanda Weyant – Student Accessibility Services
POSTED: Friday, December 8, 2017 - 11:04am
UPDATED: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 - 2:04pm