Recruitment Release II is Live

The Recruiting implementation team has successfully enhanced our ability to recruit students by improving efficiency. The team also engaged the Office of Global Education to update forms and load data, allowing Global Education to begin using Salesforce to set up international events and track registrations. 

Important milestones include: 

  • The generation of Admission letters out of the Salesforce platform 
  • Set up of freshman orientation programs and communication plans 
  • Newly loaded data gives our recruiting teams the ability to think more strategically


During Release 2 the team completed the following enhancements:

  • Added Custom Notes object
  • Configured Telemarketing
  • Updated internal event registration form layout
  • Created RLC Inactive Stage
  • Created report types
  • Created report permission sets
  • Created a deceased student indicator and trigger
  • Talend Integration Cloud to automate file loads
  • Loaded Various Files: Naviance
    • Raise Me
    • YouVisit
    • Hobsons
    • ACT/SAT test scores
    • Fire Engine Red
    • CommonApp
    • NACAC
    • NRCCUA
    • Campus Visit
    • Salem Legacy
    • Stark Legacy
    • American Student List
    • College Bound Selection
  • Added new fields on internal event registration form
  • Added new student types to Internal/External Inquiry, and specific External Registration
  • Reconfigured Duplicate Check job
  • Updated the Banner Application Load with new data elements
  • Configured OGE Specific Items:
    • Internal and External Inquiry Form
    • Internal Event Form
    • Vendor File Load – TOEFL
    • Legacy Data Load
    • Added OGE Student Types
    • Added OGE fields for citizenship and language


POSTED: Thursday, April 12, 2018 10:04 AM
Updated: Wednesday, March 29, 2023 07:08 PM