Transfer Kent State is Live

Imagine that you previously attended another institution, but have decided that you want to transfer to Kent State. How do you register for your Kent classes and learn more about the University? You attend a Transfer Kent State (TKS) event!

TKS is a full day orientation program for transfer students with freshman status at the time of admission. During this all day event, students are introduced to campus resources, meet with an academic advisor, build their fall schedule, and get their FLASHcard (KSU ID). Students also have an opportunity to attend an interactive workshop of their choice, meet other transfer students, and engage in fun activities to assist them in learning their way around campus. Students who are planning to live on campus in the fall can register for a special session of TKS that features an overnight experience. 

The TKS staff, led by Yvonna Washington-Greer and Barb Miller-Harris, wanted to improve their existing processes around event creation, event registration and check-in, as well as reporting. A team was established to accommodate the needs of TKS, and included representatives from Student Success Services, Admissions, and Information Services.

The team leveraged our existing TargetX package in the Salesforce environment, which is already being used extensively by our Admissions team, so the framework was already in place. 

The team worked diligently to develop and configure all college-specific events and new features, and the project went live when email invitations were sent to TKS candidates on March 14th. The Office of Student Success Programs will now begin working to enable functionality for the Fall TKS events and the Spring Destination Kent State one-day events. 

The team had a lot of fun with this project. Congratulations to all, and good luck to our newest transfer students!


TKS features include:

  • TKS Registration link added to the Dynamic Student Checklist within FlashLine
    • Transfer students now have a dynamic link that, when clicked, takes them to the event specific to their admitted colleg
    • FlashLine now makes a service call to Salesforce and retrieves info about the student so the link can deliver them to the right place
  • Student-specific registration link included in invitation email
    • Students click the link in the event invitation email
    • The event registration page opens up automatically and passes through the student specific information (name, etc.) so they don’t have to enter it
  • Additional data loaded into Salesforce to identify who should be invited to TKS events
    • Based on five data criteria that establishes who should be invited
    • Created a TKS Invite field which can be checked once students are identified
    • Admissions can use this checkbox to build campaigns
  • Link provided where students can print parking pass
  • Registered student report generated and schedule delivery to advisors and TKS staff
  • Registered student report generated for event check-in
  • Registered student data exported for printing name tags
  • Registered student data exported for creation of personalized agenda
POSTED: Thursday, April 12, 2018 09:57 AM
Updated: Sunday, March 26, 2023 03:25 AM