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Thom Clark

Certified Salesforce Developer!

How long have you been developing on the Salesforce platform?

Around 3 months, all declarative as of now, which is a testament to the capabilities of declarative development in Salesforce. I have not had to write one bit of code as of yet to accommodate business needs for the university

How did you prepare for the developer certification?

I did quite a bit of studying on my own time for over a month. I utilized official online Salesforce resources such as the study guide and the Salesforce University that is available to us. Eight developers here at Kent and I also took part in a course at the end of August.

How does the certification help you?

The certification gave me more of an awareness of the limits Salesforce enforces and coding standards with which to code around.

When you aren’t developing or studying for certification tests, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

I enjoy spending time with family.