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Ary Moreira

Certified Salesforce Developer!

How long have you been developing on the Salesforce platform?

I have been developing on the Salesforce platform for almost 3 years now.

How did you prepare for the developer certification?

It took me two tries to get the developer certification. In both tries I had to study for about a month on my own personal time. It is extremely difficult to be in a project and attempt to study for a certification exam at the same time. Therefore, I had to setup some time outside work hours to really study for the exam. I mostly used study cards that Salesforce offers in conjunction with sample exam questions that are out there on the internet from people who had taken and passed the exam.

How does the certification help you?

The certification helps me better understand not only specific Salesforce capabilities, but also what its limits are, and how to get around those limits.

When you aren’t developing or studying for certification tests, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

I love sports. More specifically, I love football (a.k.a soccer). I love to watch it and whenever possible, play it as well. I also like video games and going out to the movies.