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Spotlight is on:Brittany Armann

Brittanny Armann

Certified Salesforce Administrator!

Why is the Salesforce CRM implementation project unique for KSU and higher education in general?

The Salesforce CRM implementation for KSU is unique in the aspect that unlike other higher ed implementations, all parts of the University are coming together in a one-org environment. We are realizing that we need to be cognizant of how internal decisions we make will impact other business units and will need to develop a sustainable communication plan for CRM decisions moving forward.

How is it unique / different from other systems you have developed in?

Salesforce is different than other systems I have developed in because of how vastly customizable it is. Whereas in past implementations we were simply moving data from point A to point B, in the Salesforce implementation we are being challenged to think critically on how to configure/customize the system to meet the needs of each of our business processes. We understand the importance of not limiting ourselves by recreating what we do today, but instead being visionaries who strive to explore all of the new possibilities that a CRM provides.

What was your motivation to take and pass the Salesforce Administrator certification exam?

After having a better idea of how much customization was involved in IA’s leg of the project, I knew it would be beneficial to take the exam while I was still acquainted with Salesforce Proper. Further into our project I knew it would become more difficult to distinguish what was out-of-the-box Salesforce functionality versus something we had developed or customized in Advancement Connect.

Any advice for others who are studying for the exam?

I am a very hands-on learner. When I would take practice exams, I would walk myself through a dev org or my Trailhead org and associate the questions to actual application. For example, if the question asked how to convert a lead, I would log into my dev Salesforce environment and actually carry out the process.