SNACKforce Puts New Spin on Salesforce Training

Snackforce Training GiftsInstitutional Advancement Salesforce Training has started with a bang thanks to SNACKForce!

SNACKForce gives Institutional Advancement staff members the opportunity to get hands-on training with the new Salesforce Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system while enjoying some snacks.

The snacks available change with the topic—every three weeks. The first three weeks included skittles and a fruit tray to represent the rainbow of possibilities that exist with the new CRM during the introduction to Trailhead sessions. The current topic is Cheese for Chatter Basics, so snacks include cheese and crackers (cheddar to go with Chatter… get it?!).

Participants for each session are entered into a raffle for the opportunity to win some sweet swag from our implementation partner, roundCorner, and from Salesforce. So far, our lucky winners have taken home items like golf balls, t-shirts, lanyards, and much more! Since our SNACKForce launched on June 29, more than half of the Institutional Advancement Division has created Trailhead accounts that assist with learning to use the new Salesforce CRM platform.

SNACKForce is held in the Center for Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement (CPAE) Training Room, located on the first floor of the building. SNACKForce is held every Tuesday, 9am-12pm, and Thursday, 1-4pm, and sessions begin every half hour.

Upcoming topics include a deep dive into navigation, personalization, and Salesforce lingo, followed by a special session on cases. Additional topics are planned through the launch of the product and will be announced closer to their SNACKForce session dates.

If you would like more information about SNACKForce, contact Franchesca Purkey at or Brittany Armann at

View into the Snackforce Training Session