Student Affairs Participates in CRM 101 Session

Kent State University has embarked on a large scale project to implement an enterprise-wide CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Realizing that the concept of a CRM was foreign to many in the Student Affairs division, VP Shay Little partnered with Information Services to provide an informative "CRM 101" presentation to her division in June.

The objectives of CRM 101 were to:

  • Explore what a CRM is and why is it important to us
  • View a demo of the Retention and Success module
  • Brainstorm ideas of how SA units can benefit from the CRM
  • View the communications and events functionality
  • Discuss timeline and next steps for Student Affairs

The CRM is a set of tools and applications that allow us to communicate with our students in more effective ways, and more importantly to connect together all the things we know about our students to create a holistic view of their engagement on campus. This set of tools and applications is very flexible and allows us to make connections in ways that are meaningful to each unit in Student Affairs. The enterprise-wide CRM will be instrumental in enabling VP Little's vision to transform the ways we engage with students.