Summer 2017 Releases

TargetX 2017 Summer Release

TargetX prides themselves in putting students first and focusing heavily on making their products mobile friendly. But for this year’s summer release, they invested in enhancing the staff experience.

A few highlights on what is coming:


A new Email template builder and recipient list builder is being launched to further enhance the new interface that was released in the Spring. The new interface provides more flexibility in defining who should and should not be part of an email campaign.



HEDA (Higher Ed Data Architecture) will now work seamlessly with TargetX products. This will allow us to benefit from the robust features of TargetX while also adopting a common data model shared by Higher Ed institutions across the Salesforce ecosystem.


Lightning Experience

Lightning Experience is a modern user interface that introduced to improve the user experience. TargetX products will now be Lightning-compatible.


Salesforce 2017 Summer Release

Our organization received the latest release of Salesforce on June 10th. This release brings a number of enhancements and security updates with it.

Some of the highlights include:

Lightning Experience

The new Lightning interface for Salesforce continues to add better functionality to bring it up to par with Classic interface in areas it was lacking support, such as reusing existing email templates created in the classic interface (instead of recreating them).


Data Import Wizard

More friendly to use by departments and users doing smaller scale data loads by allowing a more relaxed formatting and better error reporting. It is also able to look up externally linked identification fields, such as the Kent State User Name, into the matching internal record identifiers.


From a development perspective, this release adds the ability to run automated tests in parallel, potentially decreasing the amount of time tests take to run. This reduces the amount of time spent waiting between code migration and iterative development cycles. This release also includes some beta features that are potentially important, such as the ability to encrypt data used in flows and processes (i.e. workflows).

For the complete details, please read the release notes here:…