TargetX’s Summer Release is Here!

TargetX, our Recruiting, Admissions and Retention implementation partner, recently rolled out their Summer 2016 release. With updates to many of the modules Kent State will be using, TargetX has prioritized enhancements to the overall student experience as well as improved back-end administrative functionality.

With the new, mobile-friendly design of the Events module, students can now view calendars through a clean, modern interface, filter based on event categories and keywords, use their GPS location to find out what is happening near them, and easily share events through social media with the click of a button. Staff are also able to create ‘Featured’ events that appear front and center on the Events page.

TargetX Events Module

New Email enhancements will allow for more dynamic campaigns focused on student engagement. New features include:

  • Preview functionality for emails when building an email campaign
  • The ability to email contacts beyond a student’s ‘Parent’ role
  • Conditional follow-up broadcasts that will email a student based on whether they have opened a previous email

Group Assignments can now be managed through a sleek and simple interface that allows users to match recruitment staff to student groups based on any criteria within the student record, including high school, international status, and more.

TargetX University Applicant Dashboard

Enhancements to the Application module include the ability to apply application fee discounts, add school information directly on the student registration page, and change key information, such as major or term, without starting a new application. The Application Dashboard also allows for easy navigation to Appointment and Interview Schedulers directly from the dashboard.

TargetX Decision Module

The performance of the Decision module has significantly increased through enabling application PDF caching, improving load times for reviewers when viewing app documents. Enhanced navigation also allows reviewers to switch between applications directly in the reader, rather than navigating back to the Application Review list to do so.