University Calendaring Project Leveraging Target-X Events Module

In late summer of last year, the university community came together to find a solution to better manage, publicize, promote and track events happening across campus. The university currently utilizes numerous sources for event calendaring and tracking resulting in overlapping events, manual re-entering of events to fit where the event is being promoted, and no single repository to visualize what is happening at the university on a given day. Additionally, there is no way to tie the event to the attendee for tracking items such as student involvement/engagement, or to personalize what type of events one would like to see.

The team first defined their requirements for a new calendaring solution, and then reviewed the marketplace to see what was available. The team considered building the software in-house as well, but eventually the research team narrowed down the field to four vendors with each vendor providing a demo to the stakeholders. The goal was to select a cost-effective solution to enable the university to publicize/share event content via multiple mediums and enable users to select the type of events they want to see.

To that end, the assessment team decided to leverage the existing university investment in the Salesforce Target-X events module. Because we already own the licenses, no additional software costs were incurred, and the majority of the functionality the team was searching for was present in this module. The module also enables us to pull information from the CRM into an event registration, and tie event attendance to a student record, on the back-end. Plans are to also integrate the module with Drupal to pull event and calendaring information into department and university websites, as well as Flashline. Future integrations include being able to select the types of events you want to see via your Flashline user profile.

The project team is excited about piloting the new software and integrations. We are currently planning to run the pilot from February through mid-May with departments such as Student Affairs, Arts, IS, UCM, and a regional campus all being involved (additional departments may be added to pilot as time permits).

The pilot will address components such as:

  • Building Calendaring Infrastructure and Configuration
  • Event Creation, Workflow, Promotion, and Registration
  • Event Modification, Attendance Tracking, and Updating Attendees CRM Record
  • Reporting and Filtering on Events
  • Drupal Integration with Flashline, Department and University Website