Update from the Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs CRM Committee has been meeting to determine how best to implement Salesforce functionality to make an impact on our students and our division. The committee consists of Barbara Boltz, Timeka Rashid, Dave Taylor, Chris John, Dawn Plug, Lisa Albers, Patrick Duff, Sydney Jordan, Scott Hackett and Jonathan Prenosil.

We have identified epics/themes that will be broken down into a prioritized list of projects in future meetings. These include:

  • Gather data from disparate sources and bring information and attributes about students into the CRM to create an engagement and interest profile
  • Increase communications functionality to target populations effectively
  • Track students on all levels of engagement
  • Create FLASHperks 2.0
  • Provide Student Ombudsman case management
  • Provide Care Team case management
  • Improve events, events, events

In future meetings, the team will be exploring the functionality of the Marketing Cloud, Social Studio, Case Management and Communities. Armed with this knowledge, the team will determine our first set of high priority projects. FLASHperks 2.0 has already identified as a high priority. A process mapping event is being held with Information Services to document the present state of this engagement initiative and to brainstorm what our future state looks like. This process of documenting our current state will be repeated for each of our identified projects.