What does it take to be a ... Salesforce Administrator in your department?

word web that says Page Layouts, Custom fields, Picklist values, AppExchange Discovery, Reports and Dashboard, and Test Plan Development

Here are some of the areas of responsibility:

  • Custom fields: Creating custom fields to support your business processes.
  • Picklist Values: Adding new picklist values as needed to support your processes.
  • AppExchange Discovery: Research additional tools that may benefit your users.
  • Reports and Dashboards: Creating reports and dashboards for your users so they information they need is readily available and accurate.
  • Test Plan Development: Tracking functionality and changes for successful deployment of enhancements and upgrades.
  • Page Layouts: Adding or removing fields, or rearranging sections and fields so they make sense for your users.

If you are going to serve as a Salesforce Administrator in your department, you should consider becoming a Certified Salesforce Administrator. 

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