Document Type in Xtender

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Document Type in Xtender:

What documents Advising will index:

Academic Notifications



Dismissal Appeal


Academic Probation Notification Email


Reinstatement Documentation


Academic Mid-term Notification Email


Not Permitted to Continue Warning Notification


Not Permitted to Continue Official Notification

Academic Progress





Requirement Sheet


GPS Plan


GPS Audit


Schedule Planning Form


Course Planning Worksheet

College Credit Plus



College Credit Plus Option A Application


College Credit Plus Option B Application


School Counselor Recommendation Form


Teacher Recommendation Form


Permission for Required Notification s and Financial Responsibility Signature Page


Student Writing Sample


Textbook and Course Fee Contract


Student Handbook Form


Acceptance/Declined Letter


Science Experience Internship Application


Authorization to Attend Form


Evaluation of Professional Certification for Kent State University Credit

College of Applied Engineering Sustainability and Technology


College of Architecture and Environmental Design


College of Arts and Sciences

Dean’s Card


Foreign Language Waiver


Academic Progress Summary


Letter Request

College of Business Administration


College of Communication and Information



Sophomore Review Results


Junior Review Results


Independent Studies Form

College of Education Health and Human Services Forms


College of Education Health and Human Services Forms



Exception for Student Teaching


Student Teaching Prerequisite Authorization


Checklist for Advanced Study


Alternative Praxis Authorization Form


GPA Calculation Sheet


Graduation Cover Sheet


EHHS Timeline Form


Letters of Completion


Letters of Graduation Verification

College of Nursing Forms


College of Public Health


College of the Arts



Advising Information Sheet


Destination Kent State: Advising and Registration Registration Agreement

Evaluation of Credit from an Unaccredited University



Evaluation of Credit From an Unaccredited University

Exceptions (GPS)



Petition for Exception to Undergraduate Program Requirements

Graduation Forms



Graduation Evaluation


Kent State University Regional Campus Degree and Certificate Completion Review

Internship/Practicum Application



Internship/Practicum Application and Approval

Non-Course ELR



Non-Course ELR

Overload Request



Kent State University Request for Overload

Permission to Enroll Form



Permission to Enroll Form

Plan for Continuation of Study



Plan for Continuation of Study

PUG Contract



Post Undergraduate Contract

ROTC Form 48



ROTC Form 48

School of Digital Science


Study Abroad Forms



Study Abroad Forms