Indexing - New Images

A batch can be indexed directly from the Batch Scanning view by clicking the New Document button in the toolbar ( ).

  1. To open a previously created batch, go to View | Batch List. Open the batch you wish to index by clicking on the folder icon ( ).
  2. The first image in the batch will display along with the index view.
  3. Enter the Index information and click Save. After ‘Saving’ the indexes, you can make changes by clicking Modify. (If your application is using Auto Indexing or the Key Reference table, see section 3.2 or 3.3.)
  4. Once you save the first page of the batch, the second page will appear.
    1. If the next page is a new document, you MUST click the new document button. Be sure not to type over the index information previously entered.
    2. If the next page goes with the preview page you indexed, you can hit the Attach Current Page button from the Indexing Toolbar.
    3. If all the remaining pages in the batch go with the document you previously indexed, you can hit the Attach All Pages button from the Indexing Toolbar to attach all of them at once.
    4. If the next page of the batch has the similar index information to the previously indexed document, click New ( ) first then hit the Last Modified Index button to populate the index information you just entered, and then change the indexes that differ. This can save a considerable amount of retyping.