Login Upgrade

The Division of Information Technology (IT) is in the process of upgrading the login process for accessing university systems. This initiative affects all students, faculty and staff in varying degrees depending on their level of access and the number of systems they use.

The primary goals for this project are to create a Unified Login Experience, increase security through Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and enable self-service management of passwords.

During this upgrade, you may notice a difference in the appearance of the login page.

The new Unified Login Experience will be phased in through summer and fall 2019.

Login Upgrade Highlights

This effort will provide several benefits:

  • Improved Dependability – The cloud deployment provides redundancy across multiple servers in multiple locations, which increases the availability and reliability of this service.
  • Improved Experience – the login process will be faster and standardized across all systems.
  • Increased Productivity – Improved user experience through seamless and secure access to any application from any device and any location.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is more secure than relying solely on a password because it requires an additional way to verify your identity, e.g., SMS texting or an alternate email account. MFA helps secure your account because it is unlikely that someone would know your password and have access to your device. If you have not configured MFA on your account, please read the Decisions Prior to Multi-Factor Authentication Setup article.
  • Streamlined Self-Service Password Resets – There will be one standard self-service solution for resetting passwords.
  • Addressing Compliance and Governance – Meet compliance requirements by monitoring user access to applications and associated data using audit tools. Stay compliant with built-in access review and identity governance technologies.