Secure My Account Frequently Asked Questions

I am receiving requests to verify authentications I do not recognize. What should I do?

If you are receiving requests to verify authentication attempts that you do not recognize, your password has likely been compromised. You should change your password immediately. Additionally, please contact the Kent State Helpdesk at (330) 672-HELP (4357) to report the incident.

Can I use an app other than the Microsoft Authenticator App?

Yes. However, only the Microsoft Authenticator App will be able to receive notifications to approve an authentication request. Additionally, Kent State cannot support applications other than the official Microsoft Authenticator App.

Can I use my work extension or home phone number as a Multi-Factor Authentication option?

Yes! We encourage you to configure your work extension or home phone as an MFA option. These are great options if you lose access to your mobile device.

I'm going to be traveling and will not have cellular service. How should I prepare?