Project Management Office

Project Management at Kent State provides effective planning, coordination, and management of information technology projects through the complete Project Management lifecycle, including Initiation, Planning, Execution, Controlling and Closing. Project Managers provide several key benefits, including improved access to project materials, timely notification of relevant project information, and improved communication among project participants.

Formal Project Management is designed to:

  • Provide a single source of contact for your project initiation, questions, and status tracking;
  • Centrally organize project requests into a strategic portfolio;
  • Offer improved tracking and monitoring of projects and documentation;
  • Improve communications between project participants;
  • Facilitate and coordinate project priorities;
  • Provide regular project portfolio status meetings with project sponsors and stakeholders;
  • Identify links and inter-dependencies between projects, resulting in a more efficient use of time and resources; and
  • Plan and deliver successful projects within project timelines.