1. Verify that your Scanner is ready. If the Scan button in the scan toolbar is not grayed out, you are ready. If this button is NOT enabled:
    1. Go to the Scanner Setup menu and go to Select Scanner. This will search your workstation for available drivers.
    2. When the list populates, select the drivers you wish to use, and click OK. [Select the ISIS drivers for your scanners.]
    3. After your scanner is ready you can review your scanner settings going to the scanning toolbar menu and then to Driver Configurations.
    4. To begin scanning, click the scan button from the Scanning Toolbar.

NOTE:  Each scanner works differently. Depending on the model you are using, the prompts may appear in a different manner. You may not get any prompts; it may just begin scanning your batch. Once you have finished scanning the batch you begin indexing it by clicking the ‘New’ button in the AppXtender Web Access Toolbar. This will bring up the first page of your batch and the index view. (See next section on Indexing) If you do not wish to index the batch at this time, use any icon from the toolbar to continue in AppXtender Web Access.