Accessibility Checklist

In response to COVID-19, faculty teaching face-to-face courses in Spring Semester 2020 and beyond have made a rapid transition to remote instruction. Now more than ever it is especially important that digital instruction and course material is made accessible to students, faculty, and the university community at large in accordance with University Policy 4-16: Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility.

Please utilize the step-by-step checklist below to ensure that your courses are accessible to the widest audience possible.

Step By Step Checklist

Student in classroom with professor

Step 1: Understanding Your Students' Needs

Start by getting acquainted with the information and resources provided by Student Accessibility Services (SAS) for providing students with accommodations. Discover ways you can accommodate your students' learning needs to help them succeed and reach their fullest potential in your course.

Kent State University Library

Step 2: Finding the Right Materials

Consult the University Library and other online resources to acquire accessible textbooks, journals, scholarly articles, and more for your online class. Tools like Flash Books and Open Access Kent State (OAKS) can help you find accessible resources quickly, easily, and affordably for your class.

Students taking advantage of the wifi access points all over Kent campus.

Step 3: Building According to Plan

Tools and resources are available to help you bring a high-quality learning experience online quickly and efficiently. Utilize tools such as the Kent State Online Blackboard Template to make your courses easier for your students to navigate, and save time whether you're moving an in-person class online or building an online course from scratch.

Online Teaching professor on laptop computer teaching student virtually digitally

Step 4: Teaching for All

Learn how the tools you're already using to teach your course and record your lectures can be made accessible for learners of different needs. Engage with your students in discussions and interactions that are as accommodating as they are inspiring.

Kent State University Online Learning

Step 5: Fixing Your Files

Discover how you can make your course handouts and other digital materials accessible. Accessible handouts benefit a wide variety of learners and delivery methods.