I'm already familiar with Teaching for All

I'm already familiar with Teaching for All

Adding captions and transcripts to videos with Kaltura REACH

  • Automatic machine-generated captions (requires review)
  • Effective for helping to meet ADA compliance for videos
  • Tips for making videos more accessible
  • Providing captioning accommodations for students with the help of Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Create automatic video transcripts with Zoom

  • How to enable automatic audio transcription
  • Viewing and editing transcripts
  • Display transcript text within a video
  • Searching through text within a transcript

Present with real-time, automatic captions or subtitles in PowerPoint

  • How to set up captions and subtitles
  • Turning the feature on or off while presenting

Finding usable media for online courses

  • Kent State University Resources
  • Assorted Media
  • Creative Commons
  • Podcasts
  • Videos