Step 2: Finding the Right Materials

Consult the University Library and other online resources to acquire accessible textbooks, journals, scholarly articles, and more for your online class. Tools like Flash Books and Open Access Kent State (OAKS) can help you find accessible resources quickly, easily, and affordably for your class.

I'm already familiar with Finding the Right Materials

Flash Books Program

  • Instantaneous access to course materials
  • Lowest possible prices for required course content in Blackboard
  • Partnerships with many publishers for interactive courseware and eTextbooks

Open Access Kent State (OAKS)

  • Collection of scholarly output and research under one digital umbrella
  • Guidelines for using and accessing content
  • How to contribute content

Course Reserves

  • Request electronic resources (books, videos, articles, etc.)
  • Supplemental course readings and other materials that comply with copyright laws
  • Textbooks on reserve for core courses
  • Course material reserve forms