Step 3: Building According to Plan

Tools and resources are available to help you bring a high-quality learning experience online quickly and efficiently. Utilize tools such as the Kent State Online Blackboard Template to make your courses easier for your students to navigate, and save time whether you're moving an in-person class online or building an online course from scratch.

I'm just getting started with Building According to Plan

The Kent State Online Blackboard Template

  • Course home design
  • Menus and folder structure
  • Adding learning materials

The Kent State Online Framework

  • DESIGN: Effective and efficient course design concepts
  • BUILD: Engaging best practices and course building blocks
  • TEACH: Effective teaching and communication concepts

I'm already familiar with Building According to Plan

Online course checklists

  • Design and development
  • Online teaching
  • Course copy and prep
  • Accessibility considerations

Blackboard Learn Accessibility Quick Guide

  • Uploading accessible digital content and media
  • Making expectations and instructions clear
  • Providing text alternatives for images and graphics
  • Creating accessible videos and documents

Quality Matters (QM)

  • Certify the quality of online course design
  • Promote a collegial, collaborative faculty experience centered on the idea of continuous quality improvement
  • Find QM workshops and events
  • Request QM workshops for your college/unit

I need help with Building According to Plan

Connect with Online Teaching


Find your Instructional Designer (ID)
This is your first point of contact for questions regarding designing and building your online course

Request academic continuity support
Distance Learning/Education support staff are available to provide assistance

Technical Help:
Blackboard Learn Training: