Step 5: Fixing Your Files

Discover how you can make your course handouts and other digital materials accessible. Accessible handouts benefit a wide variety of learners and delivery methods.

I'm just getting started with Fixing My Files

Adding files to your Blackboard Learn course

  • Adding files manually and automatically
  • Linking to files and folders
  • Browsing files in the Content Collection
  • Moving files
  • Managing permissions

Making digital content accessible

  • Accessibility checklists
  • Document accessibility cheat sheets
  • Developing content for assistive technology (e.g. screen readers)

I'm already familiar with Fixing My Files

Making Microsoft Word documents accessible

  • Creating and editing headings
  • Selecting appropriate text
  • Using meaningful text for links
  • Additional resources

Creating accessible PDF documents from Microsoft Word

  • Accessible PDF documents from Word (video)
  • Accessible PDF cheat sheet

Making Microsoft PowerPoint presentations accessible

  • Making a PowerPoint presentation accessible overview (video)
  • How to add accessible tables, images, and charts to PowerPoint
  • Accessible PowerPoint presentation cheat sheet