Malicious Insider

A malicious insider is somebody (an employee, contractor, etc) who has access to network and abuses it or steals information, whether it be for personal gain or revenge. They will often use their own access, or if their access isn't sufficient enough, will try and steal the credentials of other employees. Malicious insiders may try and steal data, destroy critical information, or release private information to the public.


A Few Types of Malicious Insiders:

  • A disgruntled employee - Some employees may be looking for revenge after missing a promotion or raise or after they had a negative encounter with a supervisor or other employee.
  • An employee who is leaving - An employee who is leaving may want to take information with them, especially if they are moving to the same role in a different company or starting their own business. 
  • Employee seeking profit - An business competitor may offer financial incentive in order for the employee to hand over information or an employee seek financial gain by handing over employee and client info that thieves could use to commit identity theft. This is amplified if the employee is struggling with financial issues.


Tips to Thwart Malicious Insiders

  • Always use a password to protect your voicemail and computer.
  • Lock your computer when it is not attended.
  • Do not write down your passwords.
  • Keep your desk clean and secure.
  • Do not allow anybody else to use your computer.
  • If you use an access badge, be on guard to protect it from loss or theft.
  • Always ensure that sensitive information is destroyed instead of simply throwing it away and make sure to wipe data on portable media (jump drives, phones, etc).
  • Keep sensitive information out of shared meeting spaces by being sure to erase whiteboards and properly disposing of sensitive material.